Fair black market

"So you could develop a man-conquering superpower for me?"

"No superpower, because technically it's just a spell. It's a program."

"And only I can use it?"

"If it's developed for you."

"Something doesn't feel right to me."

"The concept of "me" is different in the higher dimensions. But putting it in perspective wouldn't happen overnight. I'd rather count years."

"Something still doesn't add up. Let's call it the other half of the half-truth, then, that I have to explore. I'm just not in the mood for it and I'm waiting for an answer right now."

"Well, it will be developed and delivered. The deal is done. But the spiritual context has changed. Because of that, you may not be able to use it right away."

"Do I have to wait for a later fix?"

"Such programs can only be used on a subjective basis, subject of course to the aspects of the tasks. But this is not a task. It is for your personal use."

"Of course."

"Subject access means you can only use it if the entitlement system deems you worthy."

"But that's the black market. The whole point is to avoid these subject rights."

"Unfortunately, it's systemic around us and we have no power over it. Nobody has any power wherever you go."

"Wait, I paid for this for you!"

"And I made it for you in black. Its use is now your private matter, as you stipulated in the beginning."

"When can I use it like this?"

"It could be called a grating apprenticeship, if you get my drift. Self improvement, gaining experience. So that by the time you get to that stage in your personal development, you can use something with that kind of power."

"By the time I get to that stage of my personality development? Maybe by that time it won't even matter."

"That's it!"